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Teeth Cleaning Near Me, Katy TX

There are both beneficial and harmful bacteria in your mouth. The beneficial bacteria aids in digestion, while the harmful kind is associated with gum disease, dental caries, bad breath, and many other oral issues. Through daily brushing and flossing at home, you can maintain a low level of harmful bacteria in your mouth to such …

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How to Find a Reliable Dentist Near Me, Katy TX

When it comes to finding the right dental practice for your family, you need to choose a team that is dedicated to providing excellent and top-class dental services and solutions. One that is committed to helping you and your family achieve an outstanding level of dental hygiene and oral health for the long-term.  Here are …

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dental cleaning

What’s Involved In A Dental Exam & Cleaning? Katy TX

Scheduling your exam and cleaning today will help protect your dental health, which is important in maintaining exceptional oral health. The most basic appointment involves a bi-annual cleaning that maintains the strength of our teeth. Regular appointments are necessary to prevent diseases from occurring, as well as decay on our teeth. What to Expect  Routine …

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Welcome to Your Dentist in Katy

Meet Dr. Nawar Taha Dr. Taha remains passionate about helping others. She is committed to giving every individual the utmost time and attention and utilizes the most advanced dental technology to provide personalized dental health care in a warm, comfortable, and caring environment. Nawar Taha, DDS is a highly experienced dentist in Katy providing both …

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